GSA Contract Holder
GSA Contract Holder
PPE Shortages & Increased Costs

As of Aug 30, 2020 the CDC is reporting 6,287,362. TOTAL COVID-19 CASES in the United States. California, Florida and Texas remain to be the states that hold the highest amount of cases. The average rate of cases per 100,000 residents is 3%. As cases are continuing to be reported, PPE supplies are becoming more scarce as demands are higher than ever.


  • The United States is facing serious PPE shortages among the nation, primarily in California, New York and Texas.
  • Smaller non-hospital facilities are facing struggles obtaining to get PPE supplies.
  • The PPE shortage is becoming an equity crisis and is far from over.

The top 3 most requested PPE items nationally are N95 Mask Respirators, Disinfecting Wipes and 3-Ply Surgical Masks. Due to the circumstances we are presented with, the federal government is reportedly paying six-times the pre-pandemic cost for masks and other PPE supplies. Federal government purchasers are finding it inevitable to pay an inflated cost due to the extreme lack of supply. Many purchasers are thrilled to even find a supplier with items in stock at the moment. 

Reports show that 70% of facilities requesting PPE supplies have very little stock left and are in desperate need of supplies. With facilities not having the proper protection to provide, COVID-19 infections are expected to rise among the essential front line workers. While some facilities are forced to shutdown due to the lack of PPE supplies, the unemployment rates are also increasing drastically. 80% of front line workers reported being concerned about contracting COVID-19, considering 20% of facilities are reporting to have very little PPE supplies left. 

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