Find healthcare apparel for both patients and providers with our extensive catalog of name brand items. Browse our compression garments, footwear, and more, all designed to prioritize the comfort and safety of patients. Additionally, our lineup encompasses personal protective equipment, including shoe covers and medical scrubs, engineered to offer providers optimal functionality and safeguarding. Delve into our diverse array of renowned brand-name products tailored specifically for healthcare apparel needs.

With infection prevention taking precedence in today's healthcare landscape, our apparel selection is meticulously curated to ensure user safety. Whether it's masks, medical gowns, shoe covers, or lab attire, we stand ready to equip your staff with the necessary personal protective equipment. Moreover, for facilities mandating the use of PPE with varying levels of sterility, our comprehensive apparel categories offer the ideal solutions for your requirements.

In addition to catering to provider needs, our catalog boasts an impressive assortment of post-surgical and protective healthcare apparel tailored for patients' well-being. From aiding in recovery to providing comfort, our selection includes a diverse range of compression garments such as stockings, sleeves, and body wraps. Furthermore, we offer an array of protective products for limbs and infants, ensuring comprehensive care across various healthcare scenarios.

Vivid Imaging Solutions has helped to solve government budgetary issues with over for 15+ years experience. Our government customers know they can rely on us because of our track record in offering competitive prices, high quality products and exceptional customer service.

Our specialists understand the unique requirements of federal government agencies. From our selection of quality products and services to our strategies for improved procurement efficiencies, you’ll find solutions to cut costs and maximize productivity.

If you have any questions or feedback, contact our friendly support team! Your opinions help our team build a better customer experience.

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